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Propagation substrate PTS 1.4

It is a fine 0-5 mm peat moss structure sowing substrate which have increased water holding capacity due to the moderately decomposed white peat moss used.

The ready mix sowing substrate have a controlled pH level, it is enriched with a starter of 0.6 kg/m3 fertilizers and others extra micro elements which provide at the first stage all necessary elements needed.

For better water absorption and distribution within the entire substrate, a double amount of wetting agent have been added.

StructureVery fine – White peat
pH (H2O)5.5-6.5 (pH adjusted based on EN13037)
NPK Fertilizers0.6 kg./m3 (Chlorine free)
Extra micro elementsIncluded
Wetting agentIncluded
Substrate humidity55-65%
Additional:upon your request perlite, vermiculite can be added
trayFor plants:
Perfect for sowing vegetables and ornamental plants in small trays


PackingBags on PalletPallets in 40HC Container Pallets in TruckTotal m3 Load
70 L.42323594 / 109
250 L.183032135 / 144
3-6m3 Big bales1222666 / 156


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